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Jeff Ament's Instruments & Gear
What follows is a catalog of Jeff's known gear. This is by no means a comprehensive list of instruments, effects, or you-name-its. If you know of anything that isn't listed here, please let us know.


Year Make & Model Specs Additional Info Image
1958 Fender Precision Sunburst finish Image
1964 Fender Precision White finish Image
197x Music Man Stingray Natural finish Image
1990 Hamer 8/4 String NBA1 1 of 2 Image
1990 Hamer 8/4 String NBA2 2 of 2
1993 Modulus Jazz Bass Orange finish Image
1993 Wal 4 String Woodgrain finish Fretless
1997 Hamer Acoustic 12 String Natural finish EMG pickups; custom Image
1998 Wal 4 String Woodgrain finish Fretless Image
199x Hamer 12 String Black finish Image
199x Modulus Jazz Bass Black finish Custom made Image
199x Washburn Acoustic AB10 Sunburst finish Image
19xx Azola Baby Bass Upright; black finish (pictured in front) Image
19xx Fender Jaguar/Jazzmaster Sunburst finish; red guard modified bass Image
19xx Fender Precision White finish Image
19xx Image

Effects & Preamps

Riot Act Board
View Clockwise from bottom right; some might be pictured:
  1. Digitech Bass Whammy/Pitch Modulator
  2. Aspect Designs Switch Box
  3. Boss CN-1 Super Chorus
  4. Aspect Designs Switch Box (not pictured)
  5. Fulltone Bass Drive
  6. Fulltone Bass Drive
  7. Boss RV-3 (?) Reverb/Delay
  8. Fulltone 70s Distortion
  9. MXR 6-Band EQ
  10. MXR M-108 10-band EQ
  11. MXR M-108 10-band EQ
Riot Act Rack
  1. vintage Ampeg SVT head
  2. Sony WRR840 Wireless Receiver
  3. Furman VU-40 Meter
  4. Avalon U5 Preamp/DI
  5. dbx 160A Compressor
  6. Jester Hydra Tube Splitter
Vitalogy Era Pedals
  • Sansamp GT2 Distortion
  • Dunlop Tremolo
  • Boss CE-2 Chorus
  • Boss Octaver
Top image courtesy Anna Knowlden. GTW takes no responsibility for content of YouTube videos.